Backpack-style transparent cat carrier with airholes

You'll either like or loathe this product of the modern age. It is a transparent, backpack-style cat carrier which allows you to take your cat wherever you go in safety. It is a substitute for a cat stroller and designed for full-time indoor cats I believe. It gets them outside in safety for a bit of mental stimulation. I can't see it working for all cats because a lot will feel too confined. Perhaps they quickly adapt and are passive because they are interested in the surroundings. 

I would have thought that the vast majority of domestic cats would not willingly jump into this backpack or become anxious when it is closed. But perhaps I am wrong. Cats do like small boxes! But boxes are different. There are certainly some cats who'd like it because they'd like the whole experience and learn to put up with the confines of the clear plastic bubble.

Backpack-style transparent cat carrier with airholes
Backpack-style transparent cat carrier with airholes. Photo: Twitter.


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