Tuesday 6 December 2011

Sitesell Review

SiteSell host my site. I am getting a bit worried about SiteSell. The engineering seems to be fragile. Today 6th December 2011 around midday, my site is down, SiteSell.com is down, log-in is down, my subdomains except this one is down and all the other sites that are hosted by SiteSell are down too. Sounds horrible and scary. I don't know what is going on. I don't recall being notified but may have missed an email or something.

But even if they are doing work on the servers that serve the websites that they host, their website, SiteSell.com should run, surely? And we should have access to something.

I may have this completely wrong but it has been 30 mins or more now that the sites have been down and by down I mean nothing loads, no website, zilch.

Update: 40 mins down and my site is back. Were we warned?  If, yes, I missed it. If, no, we should have been because it is unnerving.

Update: 2:08 pm we are down again for a very short time. No site. Have to stop work. SiteSell.com also down.

How to improve

In my humble opinion - no criticism intended - SiteSell should either increase their yearly subscription that has remained the same for a long time or reduce some of their facilities to simplify. Either way more focus needs to be placed on technology; making it more modern, more reliable and faster. There needs to be investment in technology and engineering. The internet has evolved. A lot or people access the internet on mobiles. These people need speed, readability and navigation that suits small devices. SiteSell is behind the curve in regards to providing for these people. I asked about this 2 years ago.

Also some of the services provided by SiteSell are gradually becoming less important, almost redundant. One of these is at the core of SiteSell - SEO - search engine optimization. Google does not rely on well SEOed sites anymore. It is using other criteria to rank sites high in search results such as page load time and whether the site is a "brand" or not. This seems unfair but we have to follow Google. They are in charge of the internet with social media such as FB.

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