Tuesday 20 December 2011

Are Maine Coons Talkative?

ANSWER: It depends on the individual cat. You shouldn't brand every Maine Coon with one character. Maine Coon were originally farm cats in the USA from 1600s onwards. They were random bred cats. Breeding the Maine Coon from the mid 1800s would not necessarily make the cat more or less talkative or vocal. Unless you crossed the cat with a Siamese!

Cats vary in character and talkativeness is a character trait. Also the amount a cat talks is dependent to a certain extent on the environment the cat lives in. If you have created a nice, warm, friendly environment and a close relationship he will talk to you. If the opposite is the case he won't - he'll run from you. That said Maine Coons are known for their trill vocalization, in which case they can't be said to be particularly quiet. The two Maine Coons I met were slightly quiet. The Cat Fancy Magazine says they are fairly quiet. The major books on the cat breeds do not mention whether they are talkative or not.

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