How far can leopards jump?

ANSWER: "Considerable distances" -  At least 6.6 meters or 22 and more feet. This is the distance a leopard jumped across a ravine, which was observed by the author P. Turnbull-Kemp in his book The Leopard (1967). However, it likely that there are many examples of greater distances. The leopard is the epitome of the grace and athleticism of the cat. It is a strong and powerful cat and a very skilled climber. It is by far the most skilled at tree climbing of the four big cats (tiger, lion, jaguar and leopard). Only the few best climbers can race down trees headfirst and the leopard is one of these cats. They are also good swimmers. The quote is from Wild Cats of the World ISBN-13: 978-0-226-77999-7.


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