Thursday 8 December 2011

Why we forgive our pets anything

We do, we forgive our cats and dogs no matter what they may have done, even if what they have done would annoy us if a person did it. Don't get me wrong, my cat does almost nothing that annoys me. It is nearly all positive benefit for me.  I think he appreciates me as well!

I think that gives us a hint as to how to approach keeping a cat or dog. Mind set. If we have the right attitude at the beginning, before we adopt a cat then we will not see damage to possessions as a problem. If we adopt a cat as an accessory to the other possessions in our home problems will occur. People who start off with that attitude are subconsciously treating the cat as another possession and an inanimate possession in their control that can be turned on and off. Fortunately cats are not that.

Not everyone forgives their pet for causing damage. These people should not have pets. And by the way I don't really like the word "pet" as it implies an unequal relationship, when it should be equal.

All people who keep pets and who forgive their pet anything are the right people to look after animals. That is a kind of a test. People who get annoyed and then punish their cat or dog are simply doing the wrong thing. Sorry if that sounds like tough talk.  There is no point adopting a cat for the cat's characteristics and qualities if you don't like some of those characteristics.

We forgive our pets anything because they are innocent and they behave naturally. How can you blame a cat if in behaving naturally the cat does some minor damage?

You have to decide what is more important: a living creature that provides companionship and pleasure or a piece of furniture that will wear out anyway and which has little or no value on the second hand market.

I can remember my little Missie when she was a kitten. She has passed on now. We adopted her and her brother. I had just bought some new leather sofas! Guess what. They chased each other all over the house and left their claw marks in the leather! This was not scratching just the mark of the claws as they gripped the leather.

Charlie who lives with me now has scratched a very expensive chair. It's OK. I look at it and tell myself that leather furniture looks better when it has been used a bit....

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