Wednesday 28 December 2011

Q & A Black Cats

  • Are black cats bad luck? No - this is pure superstition.
  • Are black cats good luck? No - this is also pure superstition.
  • Are black cats smarter? No - nonsense. Smartness depends on the individual cat not on the colour of the cat.
  • Are black cats mean? No - an idiotic thought. No cat is mean. It is humans who can be mean.
  • Are black cats friendlier? No. Friendliness depends on the individual cat not the cat's colour.
  • Are black cats rare? No. They are quite common.
  • Are black cats witches. No. If you lived in the middle ages (500-1500) you might have thought that. Some people are more enlightened in 2011 and some aren't.
  • Are black cats more healthy? Yes. Research has linked black cats to resistance to disease.
  • Are black cats nice? Yes. All cats are nice. I have a black cat and he is very nice.

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  1. Despite the numerus superstitions about them,black cats are just like any other cat.I have two tabby shelter cats and a pure black bombay at home:Karin,Tom,and Licorice.And Licorice(The bombay)is no different then Karin and Tom.As for the stories surrounding his color,I don't think he knows or cares.


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