Monday 12 December 2011

Rich cat inherits £8.5 million?

This cat is not rich because a cat has no rights under our laws to possess money or objects or to contract in any way. There is a story on the internet of a feral or stray Italian cat, Tommaso, rescued by a very nice old lady, Maria Assunta, who had bequeathed her entire estate of $8.5m on her death to this little cat. Maria has died and the newspapers have said that Tommaso has become very rich.

The person who has become rich is the executor of Maria's will or the person named as the guardian and keeper of Tommaso (the beneficiary) who happens to be the nurse who looked after Maria.

That is it. Children are in a similar position to cats and other domestic animals up to a certain age. Children cannot be bound by a contract. This is to protect the child and indeed the other party. Children can be bequeathed money etc but it would held by someone else until the child was of a certain age. In the meantime the person who holds the money has power over it and has to be trusted. Personally, I wouldn't!

A cat has no rights other than through a person or persons.

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