Sunday 11 December 2011

The $80,000 Rescue Cat!

Motzie is a very special cat. He may be the world's most special cat. This is because he is both the world's third largest domestic cat and a service cat. Oh...and he has a great character (essential for a service cat) and looks very impressive indeed. His high value is because he is so rare and special.

Photo copyright Helmi Flick
Motzie's full name is: A1Savannahs Matanah Me Al aka Motzie - flashy...

He has a right to have a flashy name because he is so impressive. Motizie is an F2 Savannah cat (second generation). The two cats that are second and first largest domestic cats are also Savannah cats but both are first filial (F1s). They are Magic and Trouble.

Motzie helps in children reading problems. Motzie has also helped veterans as a therapy animal. He probably does lots more. Jaguar cars have been involved with him as well (Jaguar Club Accepts "Motzie" as Jaguar Symbol). And he helps his human companion and caretaker who is Deborah-Ann Milette who is a vet as I recall. I think they still live in Oklahoma. Oklahoma is where Motzie was born at the renown Savannah cat breeders, A1 Savannahs.

Motzie on a Jaguar!

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  1. Wow this cat appreciated from $6,000 t0 $80,000! Send this woman to Wall Street. Sounds like the Bernie Madoff of cats.


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