Wednesday 7 December 2011

Looking into the mind of a cat killer

Nasty cat killer, Joseph Carlo Candare, a physics undergraduate in the Philippines, admits that he killed a cat in his blog (a public website). What he says gives us a little bit of an insight into the mind of a cat killer. This is a cruel sociopathic type person. I am not saying that he is a sociopath but he clearly has a problem with empathising with the pain and discomfort of others. He is dangerously antisocial. I don't think that it matters if the other party is a person or a cat. Below is a photo image of part of his blog. The language is a mixture of English and his native language.

Cat Killer

He says in an interview with the police (I presume) that "it feels good when you are beating it" but when the cat dies he says that he feels something strange. He does not use the word "die". He says "when it turns off permanently".

Perhaps that last comment gives us an insight. He speaks of a domestic cat as if it is a machine that is turned on and off. An inanimate object.  He totally lacks any connection to the fact the he is killing a living and feeling creature. He also lacks any sense of what he is doing is criminal and morally wrong as he published a record of the killing on the internet. He is dangerous it seems to me and should be treated. The judge did not make any order regarding the mental health of this person.

This monstrous person was successfully convicted of animal cruelty. It was the first conviction for animal cruelty in the Philippines. If that is true it is extraordinary. It tells us that there is not a lot of enforcement of the animal welfare laws in the Philippines.

Joseph Carlo Candare intends to start killing cats again after he has completed his sentence (community service and a fine). He indicates that he kills cats regularly because it feels good and he hates cats. As this crime happened in May 2011, he has probably killed several cats by now (Dec 2011) and got away with it.

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