What does raised underfoot mean?

ANSWER: Companion animals socialized at the breeder's home. If you visit a cat breeder's home you are likely to see small kittens scurrying around the living room getting under the feet of the people who live there and even visitors. This is generally good for the cat as it gets them used to being around people and other animals. However, it can be dangerous for the kitten because they are literally under the feet of people. Kittens are liable to chase around and can get hurt (trodden on for example). But it is a very important, necessary step in raising a kitten purebred or otherwise.
Photo: Michael at PoC. F2 Savannah kitten.

A1 Savannahs in Oklahoma, USA, a Savannah cat breeder have very expensive Savannah kittens (see above - an F2) running around the living room being raised underfoot literally. On one occasion a tradesman trod on one and killed him. $10,000 up in smoke. Financially: no problem. They were coining it. Cat welfare: as catastrophe and very sad indeed.


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