Wednesday 7 December 2011

Men are animal abusers and women are hoarders

Men are far more likely to abuse animals than women.  Cat hoarders are usually women. Here are some percentages from the website.

The figures show the percentage of perpetrators of the specified crime who are men:
  • Shooting an animal: 92% of perpetrators are men.
  • Mutilation and/or torture: 88%
  • Burning and/or fireworks: 89%
  • Beating the animal: 95%
  • Poisoning: 100%
  • Drowning: 87%
  • Bestiality: 85%
These are extraordinarily high percentages.

Of all the recorded animal cruelty cases (720) a breakdown by the gender of the person who perpetrated the crime is as follows:
  • Only male perpetrator: 66%
  • Male and female perpetrators: 12%
  • Only female perpetrator: 22%
So why are men far more likely to commit animal abuse crimes than women? Answers in comments please! I am not sure of the reason. One obvious possibility is that men are more naturally aggressive than women. So if a man is depressed and agitated he is more likely to hit something than a woman. That may be too simplistic. It would seem that men are more likely to hate cats. I don't have figures but I suspect that something in the order of 90% of cat haters are men. Another element may be that men are more likely to be arrogant and feel superior to animals. They have less empathy for animals in general perhaps.

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