Saturday 10 December 2011

What percentage of calico cats are male?

About 0.033% of calico cats are male. Their existence is theoretically impossible so there has to be a genetic anomaly for a male cat to be a calico cat. The male calico cat is described as "very rare". They are nearly always sterile. As they are very rare they are probably very valuable! If you have, for example, a purebred male calico Maine Coon, you probably have a cat worth several thousand dollars. That said, you would never consider selling him would you? Of course not because he is your best mate and he loves you. "Calico" is an American term meaning, tortoiseshell and white. In the UK cat fancy the word "calico" is not used as far as I am aware. I have a picture of a tortie Maine Coon but not a calico.

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