Friday 13 June 2008

Orange Maine Coon

Orange Maine Coon
Orange Maine Coon or in other words a Red Maine Coon cat. This is a solid red Maine Coon cat although you can see the faint banding on the legs. Photo copyright Helmi Flick

I dedicate this short post to a cat only a few people knew in his short life. He caught a killer infection apparently and died only weeks old some times in late 2007. Here is his picture:

Maine Coon cat red and white
Photo copyright Great Beyond (published under creative commons). His name was Skyfire. He is 5 months old in this photo. He had an estimated 3 weeks to live. He stopped eating shortly after this photo was taken. His coat looks like a red mackerel tabby and white or a red classic tabby and white. As it is faint it may be due to being a kitten or be cameo (silver). We'll meet you over the rainbow bridge one day and love you again.

The red or orange color (orange is a more accurate description I think but cat fanciers call orange, red), is the result of the actions of the O orange gene, which is sex linked. The O gene is carried on the X chromosome. Females have 2 X chromsomes and males have one X chromsome. Females therefore can carry 2 O genes, which results in the cat being red.

Update 4th March 2010: I believe that the above is incorrect regarding females being orange as there is apparently a 3:1 ratio of males to females that are red. You can see another red Maine Coon on this page: Orange female Maine Coon. On the linked page I talk some more on the prevalence of males to females being orange.

The O gene makes cats red as it converts the black pigment, which is called eumelanin, to phaeomelanin and orange pigment giving us an Orange Maine Coon cat.

Red and White Maine Coon cat
Red classic or mackerel (can't see the body or perhaps an expert can tell by the face) tabby Maine Coon cat and white. Photo copyright Vironevaeh.

This is another handsome Maine Coon cat. The cat associations allow an extraordinary range of colors for the purebred Maine Coon cat. The cat at the top of the page photographed by Helmi is almost certainly a purebred cat while the other 2 here are probably not but I don't know.

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  1. I'm sorry about Skyfire. My kitty, Balder, looks kinda like him:

    Just thought I'd share.


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  3. He is so sweet. I had a cat for 16 years who just passed away last week. I was devastated and am very heart-broken. That cat was everything to me. She was so smart, always gentle and always a good girl. I miss her. She looks like your little one, orange and white with the most beautiful symetrical markings. She was perfect and knew it too.

  4. I'm so sorry you lost your cat I have a maine coon who looked just like that as a kitten he is two now,but he is sick, I hope you get a chance to get another one, they are awesome cats..

  5. My cat looks like the last red one. with the tabby markings. He is purebred, so why would you question that? He has been my man now for going on 13 years. He was diabetic and I did feed dry food. He now takes veterinarian food DM for diabetic cats.. he was losing weight but gained it back. He is gorgeous, and I have another she is patched in browns, tans and reds. beautiful girl I love them all. midge

  6. My cat looks a lot like the last red one too, but his fire is a little shorter because i live in Hawaii.

  7. mines is the 1 in the middle mind you her eyes are the same color of her fur orange she's my doll shes well mannered lovale and loves to eat


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