Wednesday 4 June 2008

Incontinent cats and dogs

I have never heard of incontinent cats and dogs, yet an online business is selling incontinent pants for cats and dogs. They are similar for obvious reasons to the human version. The online business is called

I am not sure this business will succeed because I don't think there is a market for this product. I suppose it may help in the case of spraying (cat that are unneutered spray more) but the best way to deal with that is neutering (sadly it seems the only way we can live with domestic cats is if we castrate the males).

My cat has never had a problem with inappropriate urination except once when she had cystitis. But I dealt with that quickly by medical treatment. Perhaps this product is for these sorts of situations or a whole range of situations when cats urinate inappropriately.

There is the delicate point of, "will the cat accept wearing the garment?" I mean cats don't like this sort of thing. Cats like to be natural and will try and remove collars etc. I guess that it'll be a question of training and the cat getting used to it. But how often will you need the item? If only infrequently, there will be no opportunity for the cat to get used to it.

So, I conclude (for what it is worth) that this garment may be useful for the rare occasions when you have a cat that has a genuine long term disorder/illness that makes him/her incontinent and if you have the time and patience to train your cat to wear the item. It also means a lot of input from the person in respect of allowing the cat to do N0. 1's (sh**t**g). How do you manage that?

I just don't see it working for those few incontinent cats and dogs, but others will disagree.

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