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Bengal cat adoption

Bengal cat
Marbled Bengal cats like water - photo copyright Janesdead

Bengal cat adoption
concerns many topics...

Who are the parties?

When you adopt a cat there are three parties, the seller or administrator of a rescue center, or pet keeper, on the one hand; the buyer/adopter on the other hand; and the cat. Which is the most important party? - the cat.

How do you make a decision to proceed with Bengal cat adoption on the most fundamental level?
Bengal cat
We ask ourselves, "what is right for this cat?" In answering that question we need, I think, to treat the adoption of a cat as something similar to the creation of a child. Extreme, you think? I don't agree. A child becomes independent at about 20+ years. A cat is permanently dependent to about late teens. The demands are not dissimilar. Both need feeding, warmth and love. Both return love in their own ways. There are many other similarities.

I have a page on the main website about choosing a cat which covers this subject from a different angle but in more detail, it's called "Choosing a cat breed".

Anyway, lets assume that we tick all the right boxes and have decided objectively (along the lines as set out in the Choosing a cat breed link above) that a Bengal cat adoption is good for a specific but yet undetermined Bengal cat. What next?

Bengal cat behavior

I have discussed the behavior of Bengal cats quite a lot on other posts. Click on the link to read about Bengal cat behavior. Or go to the main Bengal cats for sale page on the main website. In short the Bengal cat is pretty inquisitive, active and intelligent and will I think demand a fair bit of interaction from you. Can you do this? Is there enough space for this active cat? Will you keep your cat in permanently? Is there enough things to do? Can you build an enclosure? These cats have bling and they stand out, this makes then liable to theft. If you are clear on these issues and want to proceed the next question is.........

Adoption means buying or rescuing

What is it to be? Like for like and all things being equal Bengal cat rescue must be the preferred decision. Personally and this is purely personal, if I was going for a Bengal cat adoption now I'd check out Bengal cat rescue first (this link leads to a comprehensive list).

I think we all have to do that at the outset. And I am not criticising the breeders or saying don't go to the breeders. I'm just saying that if we agree the criterion for decision making on Bengal cat adoption is what is right for the cat then we must start at a rescue center. In addition to the lists of Bengal cat rescue centers and groups set out on the linked page above there is a page on Purebred cat rescue as well. This linked page covers all the angles and lists non-purebred cat rescue centers as well because you can sometimes find purebred cats at these centers or half purebred cats (mixed breed cats that have a lot on the Bengal in them).

So you tried rescue and it's failed to work out.

Bengal cat breeders

You'll need to know the prices, the breeders (this takes you to a list of USA breeders mainly in Texas and Florida - this is a growing list though so things change) and the appearance.

Bengal cat health

Before you go to a breeder I'd check out the results of my research into Bengal cat health. I used to think that Bengal cats were almost universally healthy but this is not the case. I am not saying there is a problem here, just that it is better to be armed with information before buying. This is better for the cat, the breeder and you. Click on the link to read about Bengal cat health.

- The cat always comes first -

One last point, the higher Bengal cat generations (F4-F1) are CITES regulated and subject to travel restrictions.

  • all photos published under a creative commons license
  • Second down copyright Janesdead
  • Bottom picture - copyright Swiss Bones - this is typical of Bengal cats as they like to be perched high up. This is a throwback to the Asian Leopard cat who likes to climb trees for safety.

Bengal cat adoption to Bengal cats for sale


Anonymous said…
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kitten for sale said…
Bengal bred is really rare and also too cute. My friend wanna adopt a kitten of that bred and also he wants free. I will let him aware of this post..
Anonymous said…
when you write an article...try putting some info in it instead of linking to other pages that aren't particularly informative either, but also link to about ten pages...

however after about 20 clicks, great information. thank you.

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