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Bengal Cat Breeders Texas

Bengal cat
Bengal cat - photo copyright Helmi Flick

Bengal Cat Breeders Texas is another searched for term and not surprisingly. For me Texas is the heart of America and the Bengal cat is very much an American style cat. Plenty of bling basically. Very much part of the US culture but of course very popular in the UK as well. It seems though that the Americans love to have a bit more and can get it by being resourceful and inventive. That is why they are the most successful nation but they do need to watch that they don't go too far.

Anyway back to Bengal cats in Texas. One cattery immediately comes to mind because I think that the cat on the RHS of the header on the main website came from this cattery. The photograph is by Helmi Flick and the cat's name is Kattitude Jumping Jack Flash and the cattery is the first one listed:

Kattitude Bengals
If I am correct about Jumping Jack Flash, he is a fantastic cat and he was photographed by a fantastic photographer, Helmi Flick. You couldn't get a better combination. Jack Flash was on the March 2004 of Cat Fancy magazine, a fine recommendation for this cattery.

Kattitude Bengals are situated in East Texas, about 60 miles west of Shreveport Louisiana. Click on the link to see the area around Shreveport (Google maps). All other links on locations go to Google maps.

Jabari Bengals
They seem to be well established and quality. They are based in Houston, which is about 200 miles south of Dallas (for all Brits flying in to Dallas airport!). TICA outstanding cattery and TIBS (The International Bengal Society) breeder of distinction.

Spotagious Bengals
Located near Corpus Christi (not far then from Jabari Bengals - 100+ miles), this is another good looking cattery judging by the website and show brag. This cattery is also TICA and TIBS recommended.

Sea Gold Bengals

Located "40 miles south of Houston". This puts them right on or very near the coast on my reckoning, which probably accounts for the name of the cattery. Sounds a great place. This is another in this foursome of catteries in an area bounded by a major road (route 20) and the coast line of the Gulf of Mexico in the south.

They all produce that precious wild look, perfect personalities and outstanding coats judging by their websites.

Wild on Spots Bengals of Texas
This cattery has employed Helmi to photograph some of their cats. They are located 10 mins drive from Dallas airport (DFW). This is another cattery near Dallas.

Mystre Bengals
When you get to this website you hear the tiny vulnerable cries of Bengal kittens. My cat who is next to me looked around. They are on a video on the home page (as at the date of this post). They are located close to the NASA base, on the south west borders of Houston.

I think this is a good selection. I couldn't find any north west of Dallas. All these Bengal Cat Breeders in Texas are based in the south. Anyway if someone wants to be on this list leave a comment please. Thanks.

Here's 2 more, Bengal cat breeders Texas, who left comments (see below). I'd like to feature them here:

Classy website, lovely facilities with plenty of space (and accolades for their breeding of about 13 years). And I like it when breeders show people their facilities. It shows confidence and a relaxed attitude I think. Located in Texas. Run by Jennifer Miller who talks about breeding Bengal cats and the heart disease HCM.


Another classy website. This is a really good website a cut above the average, which is indicative of their approach. Located in Dallas Fort Worth area. The cats are pure class.

Bengal Cat Breeders Texas to Bengal cats for sale


Anonymous said…
Enjoyed the blog -- so nice to read about the Bengals, particularly the Texas Bengals.

We've been breeding Bengals in Texas for around 13 years:

Thought we'd share the Katznjamr experience with you. :o)

Big Smiles,

Jennifer Miller and the Katznjamr Kits
Anonymous said…
Love the blog. We are also a Texas Bengal Breeder, breeding Bengals for nine years. You are welcome to take a peek at our gorgeous cats.


Kelli Faram and Cheetahsden Bengals

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