Friday 20 June 2008

Maine Coon Personality

Maine Coon cat
Maine Coon. Photo by Helmi Flick.


You have to be realistic and sensible when discussing Maine Coon Personality or the personality of any cat breed. All domestic cats have similar personalities, whether they are mixed breed cats, feral cats or purebred cats. Wild cats including early generation wild cat hybrids have different personalities but even then the underlying desires and motivators are the same so most of the character is the same too. All humans have similar personalities, why should cats be different? In humans you get some fairly slight variations from country to country but the variations from individual person to individual person is greater, much greater. The same applies to cats and cat breeds.


All that said, Maine Coon cats have noticeably nice personalities. People who keep Maine Coon cats say that they act like clowns. They may act more foolishly than other domestic cats but I doubt it. All domestic cats do things that are charming to us but seem a little silly sometimes. We find this amusing and it is a major reason why we like living with a domestic cat. 


A meow is not quite part of the Maine Coon Personality but a trait nonetheless. The Maine Coon has a distinctive voice, more a chirp than your standard meow. They are fairly quiet cats and the cats I have seen at cat shows (the best ones, perhaps) are very laid back, well behaved and quiet.


Some breeders say they are intelligent. Once again I think a bit of caution is required when talking about cat intelligence. To differentiate in intelligence from breed to breed seems almost impossible. Some cats are less active perhaps because they are more naturally anxious. This may give the impression that they are less intelligent. This applies to the Persian cat for instance. At the opposite end of the spectrum the Sphynx and the skinny cats (e.g. Oriental Shorthair) are more active and considered intelligent. I can confirm that the Sphynx cat acts intelligently and is active. Higher levels of activity can be seen in the wild cat hybrids too (e.g. Bengal cat). These cats may have brains that are perhaps used more (more stimulation) which makes them seem more intelligent. A survey found that the Maine Coon was mid range in intelligence for what it is worth

Water babies? 

Unlike many domestic cats the Maine Coon likes to play with water. This may be a throwback to the semi wild barn Maine Coon cats of the 19th Century, who know? Feral and wild cats will like water because it is a source of food and drink. While most domestic cats don't have the same need to depend on natural resources to survive. 

Laid back? 

The Maine Coon Cat Club says that this cat breed is affectionate and doesn't mind being loved by any member of the household. I think this a well balanced cat and quite laid back provided she/he is well socialized as part of the breeding process. 


I think that the attraction to the Maine Coon (and this is a very popular cat - the second most popular currently based on the popularity poll after the Siamese) is the combination of characteristics meaning the Maine Coon Personality plus the fantastic looks and that ever so touchable tail and fur. Maine Coon Personality to Maine Coon Cats


  1. The Maine Coon cats are totally wonderful! Your site is so beautiful and full of excellent information as well as photographs to drool over. The perfect cat to me would be one marked as a 'blurred tiger', gray and white with a bit of subtle beige, a look-alike coat matching my favorite ever cat, BobCat (Bobby Burns) an American Shorthair so marked. I raised him from a new kitten and had him 14 years; he's been gone since 1965 and I still miss him. If I ever 'replace' him, it will be with a Maine Coon.

    1. You should get yourself one I'll tell you why...We recently aquired one :))) She found us and we adore her. As a child I had one and she was hit by a car after having her for about 7 tears. I was traumatized as I was only 12...This has given me closure and we have given a rescue cat a great life <3 Do it!

  2. I have had a Maine Coon for 3 yrs and he is the best cat I have ever owned, while he doesnt much like to be held, at night he lays by me and we spoon, he is my baby boy :-)

    1. This sounds very much like our cat, fact she likes to go under the covers and sleep under my arm :)

  3. We have a Maine Coon, named Alice and she is a delight to behold! She is playful,mischeivious and the favorite out of our army of pets {Sshh}
    I am wondering , Alice has all of the characteristics and looks of a Maine Coon but she is a bit smaller and her face a tad more slender than most. We aren't sure if she is watered down as far as breeding or if she is a <3 runt....? Anyone know..we'd be grateful for any info...


  4. I read on one site that Maine Coons can be destructive if they decide to be and can go alot of damage to your house. I am trying to decide between a Coon and a Ragdoll. Any comments?

    1. We had a MC for 15 years and all you need is an extra tall scratching post or one they can stretch out and use, some catnip and teach them to use it. Make sure their nails are kept clipped and you should be fine. They learn fast not to scratch furniture if you are there to make sure they learn. Their claws are very big just like they are and can do a lot of damage if not properly trained and provided for.

  5. I had a male Maine Coon for 19.5 years until I had to put him down last week because of advanced CRF. Great cat. No problem with being destructive at all. He was extremely extroverted amd loving.

  6. our Maine Coon is 1 year old. She is Beautiful and loving,however, loves to chew anything, paper, wires anything. She is destructive. We have had to clear our home of all breakables. When we are not home, we have to put her in a bedroom free of danger! Any help out there of what to do?

  7. I found my maincoon cat 8 years ago in Tel Aviv sitting on a ledge and until three days ago I did not know it is a main coon!!! And he looks exactly like the photos. IMO he was left outside because of his disgusting habit to mark places in the house, and though I had him neutered after I found him (he was about 1.5 years old) he still does it. About a month ago he came and sat beside me on the sofa, looked at me with adoring adoring innocent eys, turned around and marked me lavishly with his urine! He is a problem. Otherwise everything you write here is true. He is very intelligent and seems to understand many things. He has his daily ceremonies with me throughout times of the day, he loves water and sits for hours by the sink and wont be satisfied until I make the water drip drip drip, and he truly is very good and friendly. (he has two females in the house).He also has a blanket (like those artificial material TV wrap around one buys) that is his "nani", which he likes to suck and paw at least once or twice a day. He has now been with me for 8 years.

  8. Hello from New Zealand. We had Mr Bob-Fox - King of Cats for over 18 years- Beautiful cat- great personality. He had a gorgeous peachy coloured coat.

    Bob-Fox is main coon based on these personality types

    1. He was dog like in his personality. Used to body slam the ground and roll around like a dog
    2.He was curious about everything- any new thing in the house he had to sniff to check out
    3. He would always adopt a supervisor role- When we did the garden up he would sit in the window sill and check what we were doing.

    Much adored cat .


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