Saturday 28 June 2008

Child cat costume

child cat costume
Child cat costume - photo by steena under a creative commons license.

Here is a list of websites (and some have a high street presence too) where you can get cat costumes for children. These are popular and children's' parties are too.

As this website's visitors are mainly from the USA (firstly) and the UK (secondly), I'll focus on these two countries.

My research indicates that you can get a child cat costume through these outlets - these are the top 5 online businesses in this area of operation, in each country, based on a Google search. Google has an intricate mathematical formula (algorithm or algo for short) comprising 200 and more factors for selecting the top website so it is a good criteria for selection:-


Costume Craze
An internet based company located near Salt Lake City (Pleasant Grove). This is a really good website with plenty of choice. You can buy a full cat costume (child or adult) or a mask and all at typical USA prices (great value for us Brits). This site gets a lot of traffic and is listed favorably by Google all good signs of a good business.

The Nightmare Factory
This link (above) opens to the child cat costumes and accessories page. Nice selection and keen prices (for a Brit!). This costume shop is part of a central Texas haunted house (presumably an entertainment center). The center was closed by the fire department unless they complied with new stringent and financially demanding laws.


The warehouse is located in Cerritos, California (Long Beach, Los Angeles). They sell a wide range of products including child cat costumes. Nice wide range of costumes including wild cat costumes. Active and professional website.

Costume Universe
This link takes you to the cat costumes for children. This site is good but not as good as say brandsonsale or Costumecraze. It is not as active as them either.

This link is the results of a search for child cat costumes on this site. The business name is Extreme Halloween Network, which is made up of 14 website, of which Annies Costumes is the first. In business online since 1996 so well established. They used to run a conventional store but concentrated on the online business since 2003.


This is an internet based company with a wide range of animal costumes including child cat costumes.

Party Pants
I'm going to be a bit tough here and say that this is not a great website and it is not a unique domain name (it is hosted by what was Freeserve and now owned by Orange) but that doesn't mean the products aren't good though. This business is based in the north of England (in the vicinity of Middlesborough). This is a mail order, internet business. Order by phone as opposed to online through the website. This is probably quite a small business.

Fancy Dress
Their website is the internet presence of a high street costume hire business based in the center of Manchester. Their shop is called All Star Costume Hire, so they hire out costumes. They sell a child cat costume for £7.99, which is cheap but price is always dependent on quality. They would appear to hire out from their shop and sell from their website (wrong? - comment please).

Nice pro website. An active website. Hire or buy. Based in London (150 Camden High Street - this is a convenient position for Londoners. Camden High Street is not far from Regents Park and the zoo). Nice to see them both on the high street in a central location and on the internet. In business since 1982 they say.

They do a child cat costume jumpsuit for £7.01. You can hire a fancy cat costume for £40 for three days plus returnable deposit (this is a good looking costume hence price disparity with purchase of jumpsuit I presume).

The link points to the cat costumes.

Child cat costume to home page

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  1. This cat child costume is having a different and unique look. The child looks cute wearing that. This is good choice for coming Halloweens.


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