Monday 9 June 2008

Bengal Cat Health Problems

Well, on my travels over the Internet I have bumped into a lot of information about Bengal Cat Health Problems. And I have laid it all down on this website.

These is a list of the posts made on Bengal Cat Health Problems. This list does not imply that Bengal cats are unhealthy, far from it. They are great cats it is just that these health issues have come to light in research:

Bengal cats and heart disease

There is a general realization, amongst the Bengal cat breeding community, that the Bengal cat may have a problem with a genetically inherited disease called HCM for short or Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. I have made a number of posts on this disorder because my research developed and evolved and indeed the information developed and involved over a period of time. These are the posts:
  1. Information about HCM generally - This disease affects humans too. And other cats.
  2. HCM and Pedigree cats - As mentioned this disease affects other purebred cats.
  3. Bengal cat origins - This takes a critical look at Jean Mill the founding breeder and asks if her efforts may have contributed to the health problem.
  4. Bengal cats and HCM - does what it says on the box.
  5. Bengal cat and HCM update - updating on the earlier post.
  6. The TIBS Lightning Fund - The International Bengal Cat Society are funding research into HCM.
  7. How does Taurine figure in the fight against HCM in Bengal cats
  8. Update on HCM and Bengal cats
  9. Some more on HCM and Bengal cats - heavens I forgot how this evolved!
  10. Does rice in cat food affect the metabolism of Taurine - read this in conjunction with the post at number 7 above.

This is a disease that is also found in other cat breeds. Here is a post about it:

  1. Progressive Retinal Atrophy in Bengal cats
The above are the two outstanding Bengal Cat Health Problems that my research threw up. I have read that Bengal cats can suffer from cataracts and other unspecified eye problems as well but I don't know how widespread that is at the moment. The incidence may be no more than in other cats.

It is thought that one Bengal cat health problem is entropion. This condition causes the eyelids to roll resulting in the eyelashes rubbing against the eyeball. It can be corrected and if not, it can cause corneal ulcers. Symptoms: possible squinting, tears, cloudy eyes. This seems to be inherited from the wildcat parent the leopard cat.

Other than these there are the usual cat health problems that you can read about by clicking on this link:
  1. Cat health Problems
The information for this page and the linked pages comes from breeders and Tufts. Tufts is a conference of veterinarians and scientists (researchers) so the sources are good.

Note: the leopard cat has a resistance to the feline leukemia virus. That is why medical research was being carried out on leopard cats. The Bengal cat may have received the benefit of this.

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