Friday 21 May 2021

AITA for adopting a cat that has a penis on his face and naming him Richard?

AITA is an acronym Am I the Asshole and in this instance a man posted the title to this page on the website. He tells the world on that high hitting website that he adopted a rescue cat who had been left on the shelf. Nobody wanted to adopt this cat because of the markings on his face and those markings look a little bit like an erect penis. 

AITA for adopting a cat that has a penis on his face and naming him Richard?
AITA for adopting a cat that has a penis on his face and naming him Richard? Photo: Imgur.

The fact that he adopted the cat was a good thing, but he called him Richard knowing full well that he would call him Dick for short. He then asked all the visitors to his post whether he was an asshole in doing what he did.

It is interesting to note that the administrators of have removed the picture but the headline is still there. The picture is above. Well, I have given this some consideration and I think he has been an asshole. I think he adopted the cat because he wanted to make him a celebrity and in doing so, he could become a minor celebrity himself. He wanted to live vicariously through his cat. A lot of people do that on the Internet; they achieve what I would call 'vicarious celebrity status' through their interesting-looking domestic cat companion.

The first problem is that he rescued the cat for the wrong reasons, in my opinion, but I am speculating and therefore it is not fact. Secondly, he did not have to ask the question on a social media website and he did not have to name him Richard. 

So, he did quite a lot of things which he shouldn't have done and in doing these things he disrespected his cat. He did not insult his cat for obvious reasons, namely that his cat did not know what was going on but that really isn't the point. If a cat owner disrespects their cat, he is doing the opposite to what he should be doing which is respecting the cat because out of respect flows excellent cat caretaking.

I would conclude that he is not ideal cat owner. A really good cat owner would not have done what he has done. Those three errors in judgement, as I would call them, would not have been made. Or if a good cat owner had adopted this cat because he was left on the shelf, they would have simply left it at that and loved him and cared for him without publicising his picture on the Internet and giving him an inappropriate name.

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