Saturday 8 May 2021

Domestic cat survives 10 days down a well in Northamptonshire, UK

In another story which is yet again a testament to the endurance qualities of the domestic cat, a black cat named Flea went missing from her home in Loddington, Northamptonshire on April 24 and spent 10 days down a well. She was found about two days ago and throughout that time her owner, Keira Hill, had been searching for her.

Domestic cat survives 10 days down a well in Northamptonshire, UK
 Domestic cat survives 10 days down a well in Northamptonshire, UK. Keira and Flea. Photo: Keira's sister (believed).

It transpired that she had fallen down a well in a neighbour's back garden. Neighbours heard the cat crying for help last Tuesday and called firefighters to rescue her.

Flea is less than a year old. Despite there being a foot of water at the bottom of the well, she had managed to clamber up onto a narrow ledge away from the water where she presumably stayed for approximately 10 days. Perhaps she returned to the water to drink some from time to time but I am speculating.

Keira Hill, a freelance gardener, said that she and her sister had done all they could to find her cat including appeals on social media and putting up posters in the village. They were beginning to fear the worst, perhaps that she had been hit by a car.

The well Flea fell in
The well Flea fell in. Photo: Firefighters?

Like many domestic cats she likes to jump into cars and ends up taking unplanned road trips. Cats are inherently inquisitive and they will jump onto lorries for example which can lead to disastrous results.

Also like many cats once they are rescued they look as though they are completely unfazed by the experience and wonder what all the fuss was about.

The story reminds me of quite a common occurrence in India where leopards end up at the bottom of open wells. In the stories that I have read, the locals invariably rescue the cat with great difficulty which is surprising because I also see many stories of leopards being beaten to death by local people when they encroach into the urban environment. It's rather strange human behaviour.

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