Saturday 29 May 2021

Kim Jong-un wants to destroy all cats and pigeons in North Korea

COMMENT BASED ON NEWS FROM THE MIRROR NEWSPAPER: The madman with the funny haircut (short back and sides), the dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong-un wants to destroy all cats and pigeons in North Korea because he believes that they bring Covid-19 from China, across the border, and spread the disease in his country. China and North Korea are separated by two rivers, the Yalu and the Tumen. He has issued a command to his indoctrinated and subservient citizens to tell them to destroy all cats and pigeons. The man-God has commanded. Apparently, some North Koreans are shooting at pigeons as they fly across the border between North Korea and China.

Kim Jong-un. Mad as a fruitcake.

In one particular example, a family on the border between North Korea and China at Hyesan, Yanggang Province were ordered to face 20 days in isolation because they ostensibly illegally raised a cat following in order not to do so in this border region.

Hyesan, Pic: Google.

The family told the authorities that their cat died but the cat was seen near a fence near the border and this resulted in them being detained. Border patrol guards tried to capture the cat unsuccessfully. Eventually the cat was caught apparently and taken away. I have to presume that he/she was killed perhaps cruelly by the authorities.

This reminds me of the Mau Tse Tung era when he ordered that all sparrows, I think it was, be prevented from landing on the ground or in trees and so the citizens made a lot of noise which resulted in the birds dying, perhaps of exhaustion, which led to other issues including, I recall, health issues regarding insects and crops being damaged by insects.

Comment: it is clearly completely objectionable and frankly diabolically cruel for this dictator to order cats to be destroyed like this because it flies in the face of scientific knowledge. It's complete balderdash and nonsense. The man has confirmed that he is as mad as a fruitcake. It is bound to lead to cat cruelty on a gargantuan scale and it is quite horrible to contemplate.

Perhaps, however, many citizens will resist carrying out this order as the family mentioned did. They can't see sense in it. Although many North Korean citizens appear to be indoctrinated into believing that the little man with a funny haircut is genuinely a God and to be worshipped and followed to the ends of the world.

This dictator needs to study a bit of science or at least read the newspapers to find out what the true situation is regards domestic cats and coronavirus. They rarely get the disease and when they do, they get it from people. They are normally asymptomatic or they suffer mild symptoms. Currently, there is no evidence that they spread the disease back to people although there are concerns that they may form a reservoir with other animals of the disease going forwards.

The critical point, though, is that they do not present a problem in terms of spreading the infection to the best of our knowledge and therefore it is clearly, as mentioned, an act of gross cruelty to make an order to destroy them for no purpose other than to please this deranged individual. It proves his ignorance of animal welfare and insensitivity to cats and all animals.

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