Wednesday 26 May 2021

Cute kitten carries his loving behavior into adulthood

Really cute video in which a ginger tabby kitten carries his loving behavior through to adulthood even if there is a size problem. There is no stopping him. Cats are persistent.

: This is a video from another website. Sometimes they are deleted at source which stops them working on this site. If that has happened, I apologise but I have no control over it.

Cats have a lifetime predilection to do certain things because of inherited behavioral traits. This is an example I believe. Some cats like to be physically close to their human while other are not as interested. That's a genetically inherited character trait mainly. This is a really cute example. He liked what he did a few years ago and he isn't going to stop. The persistence of domestic cats almost always results in the cat getting their way in these sorts of situations.

Kitten carries his cute and loving behavior into adulthood
Kitten carries his cute and loving behavior into adulthood.

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