Sunday 13 September 2020

Elizabeth Bartlett is a cruel woman. She put her cat in a sealed box in a dumpster.

GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN, UNITED STATES-ANALYSIS: I am not going to pull any punches. I'm going to speak the raw truth which is why I have spelt out this person's name in the title. Her name deserves to be spelled-out because Elizabeth Bartlett who lives in Wisconsin is a very cruel woman. And that is not a slanderous statement because it is a statement of the truth.

Elizabeth Bartlett, a very cruel person. Police photo.

Elizabeth Bartlett has been convicted of a criminal misdemeanour of intentionally mistreating an animal, abandoning an animal and intentionally failing to provide food and drink to an animal. That sounds pretty cold and scientific. The actual facts of the crime are much more horrendous in my view. Her behaviour has been described as despicable by the judge.

She put her microchipped, tabby cat in a bag and then put the bag into a box which was sealed closed with tape. She then placed the box in a dumpster in Aswaubenon. The intention was clearly to let her cat, which she had adopted last February, to die of starvation and lack of water and perhaps oxygen too. The death would have been very painful and very distressing for this cat.

Fortunately, a man was checking the dumpsters for things that people throw out and heard meowing coming from it on May 14, 2019. He saw that the box was taped shut so he opened it and released the cat. The cat's name is Spencer.

Elizabeth Bartlett was sentenced to 90 days in jail and two years probation. She is banned from owning an animal while on probation. Comment: that last part of the sentence is far, far too lenient. She should have been banned from having an animal perhaps for the remainder of her life in my book. Anybody who can do that to their cat must be terminally unsuited to be a cat or dog owner.

Bartlett kept quiet throughout the entire proceedings but did not contest them. Source: Fox 11 News.

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