Monday 14 September 2020

Young girl makes Powerpoint presentation on why she should have a cat

This is really cute and it has attracted the attention of social media users. We don't know her name or her age but she is in her teens I think. She's smart and persistent and has been asking her mom and dad, Christopher Doyle, for a long time for a domestic cat. She sets out her case persuasively using the usual arguments under the "Pros of getting a cat". She says that her siblings would love a cat as well and, as we know, cats lower stress levels and make their owners happier. And you don't have to take cats outside for walks she argues. 

Daughter sets out her case for a cat adoption asap please!!

That is not entirely true in my opinion but a lot of indoor cat owners would agree with her. Sometimes people take their cats out on a lead for a walk although it is pretty rare. And she promises to do the litter and all the other cat maintenance stuff as needed. She wants to take responsibility and she wants her parents to let her have a cat companion. Please...

Comment: but please don't buy a pet cat from a pet shop. This is not a good idea as you perpetuate informal and sometimes illegal breeding of cats for pet shops. Pet shops are fine provided all the cats are shelter cats. I am sure that Christopher would not buy a cat from a pet store unless the cats and dogs are all rescue animals looking for a new home. That is the law in some states in the US. It makes a lot of sense.

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