Saturday 12 September 2020

New Zealand shooter kills a "monstrous" feral cat

ANALYSIS: A man in New Zealand, Jesse Feary, likes to shoot possums and was out hunting when a very large black cat crossed his path. He tracked it down and shot it from about 50 metres away. He believes that it was some sort of "baby big cat" (are you joking Feary?) which is absolutely ridiculous because it is clearly a very large black feral cat. It is known that feral cats grow to a very large size on the Australian continent and in New Zealand as well (perhaps more rarely) because they have available prey and therefore over many years they have evolved into bigger animals.

Photo: Jesse Feary

You can see in the photograph that he took above that this feral cat is about the length of his rifle when you factor in the legs. I don't think this is monstrous but it is certainly large for a feral cat. It isn't the first time that very large feral cats have been shot by New Zealanders or Australians. Both these countries contain citizens who like to kill animals. They both appear to have a hatred of feral cats although I am generalising because there will be lots of people who are more sensitive towards stray and feral cats.

For an outsider like me it is disgusting to be perfectly frank. I hate to see it and it is highly insensitive, crude and basic in nature. You know, the guy was going out possuming which mean shooting possums for the fun of it. The guy just likes to shot whatever he can legally; whatever he can take pot shots out. It's all ridiculous in my book. But there it is; this is the photograph and you decide for yourselves whether this is a small big cat or just a big feral cat! It's a no-brainer it has to be a feral cat. The cat was shot in in the North Canterbury area, as I understand it.

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