Tuesday 15 September 2020

What's the best insurance policy in the USA for older cats?

The best insurance policy for older cats in the US is PetPlan. I have relied on investopedia.com to answer the question.

Photo: PoC.

They say that the best insurance policy in America for older cats is provided by a business called Petplan. In general, older cats are harder to ensure as the premiums might go up because of the obvious reason that older cats are more prone to chronic illnesses. However, PetPlan has no upper age limit. They accept any cat age from six weeks of age or older. They say they will never cancel your cat's policy because of their age. The insurance is available in Canada and the US.

Their insurance covers inherited diseases and chronic conditions. It does not cover pre-existing conditions or routine veterinary visits such as teeth cleaning or general wellness checks. This is normal. They say that the insurance covers up to 90% of all new injuries or illnesses. They also argue that their customers save between $50-$250 on each vet visit for injury or illness. Claims are paid within one to two weeks. They provide quotes and claims are easy to do using a PetPlan app interface.

Is pet insurance worth it?

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