Friday 11 September 2020

Abuherrira's Cat

Abuherrira's Cat is a legendary cat, a pet belonging to one of the companions of the Prophet Mohammad, Abu Hurairah. He loved cats and was known as "the father of the little cat". Abu Hurairah, was one of the sahabah (companions) of Muhammad and, according to Sunni Islam, the most prolific narrator of hadith.

Abuherrira's cat
For illustration purposes only. Photo in public domain.

The Favoured Beasts is a poem by Goethe. His favourite cat was one of the four animals admitted to the Muslim paradise: "Abuherrira's Cat, too, here purrs around his master blessed, for holy mast the beast appear the Prophet has caressed."

Another version of that poem reads:

Abuherrira's cat appears,

Purrs around the Lord and flatters:

For since the Prophet stroked his ears

He's wholly where it matters.

Goethe noted that the name Abuherrira means "father of the cats". He knew that cats were considered as pets in the Islamic world as opposed to dogs who were considered unclean. The Prophet, as we all know, loved the cat greatly and it was believed that it would enter paradise.

P.S. It seems that the cat should have been referred to as "Abu Hurairah's cat" but has become distorted or have I got this wrong? Also I have seen Abu Hurairah spelled "Abu Huraira".

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