Monday 21 September 2020

YouTube video makers are staging kitten rescues for money

I've been watching some cat and kitten rescues on YouTube. I thought I would catch up with what's going on in that marketplace. Immediately I smelled trouble; the two videos I saw made me doubt their veracity. They both appear to be staged. 

It is as of the film maker planned the whole thing like a mini-movie. Particularly the one on this page. It shows a kitten with a piece of cast-iron drainpipe around her body. This is a heavy piece of iron. The video maker walks up to the kitten who is struggling in what appears to be a part of a farm near some abandoned machinery. 

The filmmaker very, very slowly removes the cast-iron drainpipe from the kitten. It is done in the most elaborate and theatrical way. The moment is teased out over several minutes. It is quite ridiculous and it is shameful. The person uses one hand while the other holds the bloody camcorder! Shit. It is so crappy.

There is no way this kitten would end up with a piece of cast-iron drainpipe around her body unless it was put there by somebody. And I allege with complete conviction that it was put there by the filmmaker. Why would a kitten push their body through a piece of tight drainpipe like that? What was at the other end of it? What reward was there for the kitten to do it? How did the kitten manage to do it? They are all so unlikely as to be impossible to envisage.

If I'm correct, and I am convinced that I am correct,  this is shameful behaviour. This filmmaker is conning YouTube into believing that they are involved in genuine kitten rescue. They are conning Google AdSense who are paying them for adverts on their video. And they are conning the advertisers who want to place their adverts on their video. Finally, they are conning the public into believing it is genuine.

YouTube need to investigate this sort of thing because I believe that it is more widespread than people believe. The comments under the video indicate that those who have watched it don't understand what is going on. Nobody is asking the common sense question as to how this happened. As I said, it is likely that the only way it could happen is if it was staged.


  1. Michael, Thank you for exposing this. Yes, people don't evaluate and ask the common sense questions, because that's sorely lacking in so many humans. Hopefully your post will increase awareness in the viewers, to question the details of what they see.

    1. Thanks for reading this Shandi. I think there is a lot of fake stuff like this on YouTube and other social media sites because people see money in it.


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