Monday 14 September 2020

Pregnant cat asks to enter a strange home and gets lucky!

Annelyse and the mother cat who asked to be let in to give birth.
Picture: Her Instagram webpage.

The story is told in the video below. The video is very cute because this fluffy little female cat came to a completely strange home and started to meow asking to be let in. Fortunately the young woman inside and her husband are cat lovers so they obliged and let this sweet pregnant cat in and she gave birth. The young woman raised the kittens with their mother and found new homes for them. It all seems so perfect.
Screenshot. Annelyse fosters one of the kittens. She loves them all.

It's a shame that the cat was pregnant because it means more cats in the world and some people think that there are already enough domestic cats. Anyway, it is very cute and I particularly like the character of this female mother. She is clearly a very, very sweet female cat and I'm impressed to with the female human too! Nice job I would say. A gentle and kindhearted woman who responded positively and competently to a call for help from a stray cat in need. I wonder why she was a stray. I think the woman's name is Annelyse. She has a successful Instagram page - annelysedemuch. Note: Please remember though that sometimes these videos disappear for a number of reasons and I can't control it. 

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