Wednesday 16 September 2020

Pet insurance for cats in apartments with dangerous cladding

I'm just thinking about the difficulties that cat owners might have in obtaining insurance for their cat if they live in apartment blocks with dangerous cladding. This is a UK specific problem but you may have heard about the Grenfell fire which was devastating (see photo below). It was caused by highly inflammable cladding which wrapped around the block turning the tower into an inferno and killing 72 people who were told to stay inside by the fire service. But that's another point.

Photo on Wikipedia and by Natalie Oxford -

Thousands of people have now been condemned to lives of fear after the government missed its target of replacing flammable cladding on high-rise buildings.

Replacements of cladding has only taken place in 155 tower blocks out of 455 high-rises. Residents of these blocks are facing buildings insurance premium hikes of almost 400%.

They can't sell their properties because buyers can't get a mortgage on them. The banks have simply washed their hands of them in terms of lending money against the buildings. In some of these blocks there will be people living with domestic cats. How does this chaos affect them if they want to take out pet health insurance?

I don't know the answer and I can't find the answer but I suspect that they will not be able to obtain insurance for their pet. Think about it: a fire takes place and they rush to abandon their apartment, leaving their cat behind. The cat is injured or killed. That is the potential scenario and I'd be very surprised if companies providing pet insurance would cover that scenario knowing that the cladding surrounding the building is flammable.

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