What does felis catus mean?

"Felis" is a Latin word derived from an older Latin word "felix" which in English means "happy". However it means cat in Latin while 'catus' means sly or cunning as I understand it.

Felis catus is the now outdated scientific classification for the domestic cat.  The domestic cat was a happy cat as life was easier with plenty of purrs. The modern classification is: Felis silvestris catus. The word "silvestris" is Latin for "wooded" or "wild". This is because the domestic cat is a subspecies of the wild cat and the classification of the wildcat is Felis silvestris. You can see it is a bit confusing. I don't think it matters. It is about using words to classify the species and the words don't have to be precisely relevant to the species in question. The process of classification is called taxonomy.

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