Tuesday 3 May 2011

Watch Movies On The Internet

Watch Citizen Kane on BBC iPlayer

You can already watch movies on the internet using standard websites. Soon this whole area will be dramatically expanded. A sign of this is the expansion of watching television on the internet. A good example is the recent wedding of William and Katie; the wedding of the decade or century. You could have watched the whole thing on YouTube rather than on television.

The BBC have an iPlayer website that I find extremely useful as I can watch in bed! They not only show television programs that you might have missed but decent movies too. A list of movies on iPlayer as at the date of this blog can be seen here. There are some classic and famous movies on BBC iPlayer. One is Citizen Kane.

Sky Movies is a well known website where you can watch movies on the internet. At TheOnlyDevice.com you can watch movies online or download them. You shouldn't be too critical about the standard of movie, though, as the ones I see are not great movies.

Some YouTube videos could be classified as movies. YouTube is a good marketplace for a new movie maker to promote his or her video. It seems that you can already watch some mainstream movies on YouTube. Kids in America is one example.

I am sure that this is the beginning of a new trend that will close cinemas worldwide. This page shows the search results for movies on YouTube.

It is not difficult to find websites to watch movies on the internet. You don't have to go to new movie sites. Existing television sites are doing movies too.

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