Friday 6 May 2011

Some Cat Guinness World Records

As it happens I have some pages about cat Guinness World Records on my website so I'll add one more. Why not. Not that anyone really cares or will want to read it! An existing one is the world's tallest pet cat or I think she is now world's biggest pet cat - not completely sure. All I know is that she is a magnificent domestic cat, extremely special, very friendly and very large. But she is a domestic cat, make no mistake about it. She looks like a medium sized wild cat but she is not. Some people think she is. Wrong, sorry.

Guinness World Records have stopped recording the world's smallest cat because it promoted bad breeding practices. One such record holder was Pete (see pic. next to a cigarette packet).

I am also pretty sure that they don't do the world's heaviest domestic cat for similar reasons. People will tend to overfeed a large cat to win the prize. This is not something that Guinness World Records want to promote as it is bad for business.

Here she is, the world's biggest domestic cat, "Magic", playing with Andreas, the son of Marti and Kathrin Stucki who raised them both:

Then we have the world's fattest cat. This is a cat I have not met. I wrote on this subject and so did a colleague of mine Finn Frode.

Here are the two articles:

Fattest Cat in the World

Clauz - World's Fattest Cat 1950

Then we have the world's longest cat, which is a Maine Coon. Maine Coons are more long than big although they are the biggest non-wildcat hybrid domestic cat breed in the world and the biggest registered by the Cat Fanciers' Asscociation (CFA), the best known cat association in the world.

To these landmark events we can now add the world's loudest cat! He is Smokey and I am glad to say that he is British and he is a silver mackerel tabby moggie (random bred).  In fact he looks like a silver smoke tabby. His voice is louder that a Boeing 737 landing. I presume this is at max volume! On his website he is seen next to a decibel meter that shows 90.6 decibels. Apparently he purred at 67.7 decibels for the Guinness World Record.

Here he is:

He has a nice rather high pitched purr. It doesn't sound that intrusive but it is noticeable louder than any purr I have heard.

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