Don't Fight Your Cat

Don't fight with your cat. Despite the domestic cat being a fraction of the size of the human, you are likely to come off worse.

It is absurd to fight a domestic cat. Treat the cat well, nicely and sensibly and everything will be OK.

A Texan thought he would fight a domestic cat with a knife! Afterward he was airlifted to Cleveland Regional Medical Center and then to Houston.

He was clearly seriously injured. The cat was injured too but less so. I don't have details but this person was really foolish.

I have done a Google News search today for "domestic cat" and spotted this story. I would recommend that people do the same. Go to Google News and search for "domestic cat". You will see quite a few stories that show an underlying bias against the domestic cat and lots of misinformation.

I sort of despair at it. Here are some examples:
  1. The Birdkillers 
  2. Cats Pass Disease To Wildlife 
  3. How to stop cats pissing on your car

These sorts of articles hurt the cat. I haven't read them. I skimmed the last one and some idiot Aussie is mouthing off about why he hates cats in a video. Although he says he doesn't hate cats. You stupid Aussie, it is not the cats but the bloody irresponsible people who keep them. Wake up.

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