Monday 16 May 2011

Californian veterinarians have no right to complain about unlicensed providers

The California Veterinary Association (CVMA) are complaining about unlicensed animal healthcare providers. This is in response to the increase in people who are not qualified veterinarians providing animal healthcare services such as dental cleanings without anesthetics as I presume they are unqualified to anesthetize an animal. These unqualified people also provide services such as "physical therapy"(not sure what that is) and chiropractic services (spinal adjustment - never heard that being performed on animals particularly companion animals).

The point that I want to make is this. The Californian vets haven't a leg to stand on. They have no right to complain. It is the pot calling the kettle black.

The CVMA cynically defended at every possible stage the ban on declawing in eight cities in California. They did this with poor tired arguments that fail to stand up to scrutiny. They would support the declawing of cats to their last drop of blood while being totally blinkered to the fact that the process is in breach of their oath, the foundation stone of their work. Declawing is more than that. It is a cynical abuse of trust and a money spinner that greedy vets hang on to. It is outdated. It is morally wrong - obviously.

The Californian vets have chucked out any moral standing. As they are mutilating cats for the mere convenience of the cat's owner, they have forfeit the right to criticise and complain about unlicensed practitioners some of whom may be better than them.

Of course care should be exercised when seeing an unlicensed animal healthcare provider but the same can be said about vets! There are a lot who have casually sliced of the tip of the toes of thousands of cats with a guillotine, a device that one vet says is blunt and hard to use precisely that may leave bone fragments in the mutilated toe.

Shut up California vets! You have lost your right to criticize. Change your ways. Get real. Become moral. Wake up and start educating cat owners in how to care for cats without chopping off the last joint of the toes.

Then you will regain the moral high-ground and only then will you have the right to look down on unlicensed healthcare providers.

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  1. Go Freddie!

    Veterinarians have ruined their own reputation by being greedy. They cheat people and defenseless pets for the all mighty dollar. There are a few great vets out there. If you find one that puts the interests of your pet over money hang on to them! CVMA is persecuting their own by fining them for referring to a qualified non-veterinarian for such things as anesthesia-free teeth cleaning. When will the greed stop?


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