Thursday 5 May 2011

Laser Declawing - The Guilt Free Way!

There is an extraordinary page on the internet in which a vet confidently declares to the world that you need not feel guilty taking your cat to the vet to have her toes mutilated in a declawing operation. Fear not. All is well; laser declawing is here. Another fancy use of the good old laser. It is almost painless. Recovery is quick and everything will be over in a jiff.

It really is a classic bit of cynical propaganda by the vet as a way of fighting back over the gradual realisation by the American people, the millions of would be and current cat caretakers, that declawing their cat is wrong - plain wrong. Convenient it might be but wrong it still is.

Well another vet in his personal attempt to sell the idea of declawing says that he prefers the old fashioned scalpel as it is more accurate. He says that laser declawing takes longer to get over because it burns the flesh. Hmmm, I would have thought that a laser would burn the flesh and a lot more.

As to the third way, the guillotine, this is imprecise, relatively blunt and unless you are a very skilled vet you are liable to leave a piece of bone in the stump of the toe. This will cause endless pain. Most vets use this method as far as I am aware! So much for no long term pain.

Any declawing is wrong if we are honest with ourselves. It is for our convenience and totally against the wellbeing of the cat, who most people consider a family member. Doesn't it strike you as strange that people who love their cats and who consider him or her a family member should burn her flesh and mutilate her toes in removing the last phalange of the toe for the sake of convenience?

I do.

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