Sunday 22 May 2011

Strongest House Cat

This short post will tell you the name of the strongest house cat. I won't make this post detailed and long because few people search for this information, for one, and secondly it is a bit silly to be honest. We should not have a fascination with the biggest, fiercest and tallest but how to solve the feral cat problem.

The largest house cat is probably the strongest house cat provided that the cat is not the largest just because he or she is overweight!

Some time ago I provided a detailed list of domestic cat breed size and weights. The so called "house cat" must include wildcat hybrids as, although these are relatively rare, they are fully domesticated (if bred properly) and act as domestic cats should.

The largest domestic cat is the first filial Savannah cat. This is a cat whose mother is a domestic cat and whose father is a serval, a medium sized wildcat.

The best example of such a cat is Magic - deemed the world's largest "pet" cat. These really are large cats and they are athletic too (see video below). They have fabulous jumping abilities which is evidence of their strength and flexibility. First filial Bengal cats will be similar of course but the wildcat parent of the Bengal cat is the Asian leopard cat, a wildcat that is considerably smaller than the serval.

The strongest pure domestic cat is probably the Maine Coon cat because this is the largest cat breed other than wildcat hybrids.

I think that answers the question as to what is the strongest house cat. There is one qualification that must be made to the above. I have only referred to cat breeds because that is what I think people are searching for.

Individual domestic cats that are not wildcat hybrids vary a lot in size and strength. There is probably a very large moggie roaming around a neighborhood somewhere who is exceptionally strong.

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