Friday 27 May 2011

A tip about making a cat eat

Sometimes for whatever reason your cat won't eat. Or her appetite is poor. A poor sense of smell in an old and senile cat can lead to what looks like a poor appetite. A cat will gauge how appetizing the food is through its smell.

That is why heating it up a bit can get the low appetite cat to eat it. I sometimes microwave cat food that has been left for a few seconds just to give it a bit more odor.

However that is not the tip! This is: I have always found that if I present my cat to the food and then stroke her before and during eating it encourages eating.

I am not sure how this works. I think it is a feeling of reassurance that it gives the cat. It might mimic what happens to a new born kitten when nursing.

Stroking is a human version of a cat's lick after all. Give it a try and report back if you have time.

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