Monday 30 May 2011

Bad Cat Behavior

There is far too much written on the Internet about bad cat behavior. For me nearly all of it is wrong. If we really think about it, almost all domestic cat behavior that impinges on our lifestyle is due to us. So if a cat behaves badly in our eyes, it is either a misconception by us or an improper expectation or bad breeding (lack of socialisation) etc. I could go on. Often so called bad cat behaviour is simply behavior that we don't like or which does not meet our expectations even if our expectations are misplaced.

The focus of bad cat behavior should be directed towards us. What are we doing that might create this behavior in our cat?

We should be able to trace it back to us one way or another. Even things such as a cat spraying as a territorial marker can be traced to us.

If a cat is spraying it is probably not neutered. That is our fault. Secondly if a cat is neutered or spayed and still spraying urine as a marker then something in his or her environment is causing this cat to be stressed. And we create the environment.

If there is no cause for stress and the cat is neutered then it is natural behavior for that cat under those conditions (created by us). If we can't accept that we can't accept natural behavior in that cat. That is our problem. Natural cat behavior is not bad cat behavior. It can't be can it?

I summarize these thoughts in this sort Flickr video:

A lot of people won't agree or won't understand what I am trying to say. That is fine. I am just making my point. I feel strongly that we as people need to behave more responsibly towards our domestic cats and that includes me. We tend to do what we are allowed to do and as cats don't have a say in the matter we can do as we please in relation to our cat.

Millions of people act responsibly towards their cat but too many don't. That is why millions of cats are killed each year and why we have places such a shelters, where incidentally most cats are not sheltered but killed - not euthanized. Sorry but we have to face reality if we are to fix the problems - human behavior problems not cat behavior problems.

Please also see this page on the same subject.

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  1. I actually agree with you but most won't.


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