Saturday 21 May 2011


I got a email from a friend of mine in the USA, Bob Tucker. He looks after feral cats. He has a kind heart. He kindly told me about some cat food coupons that are currently available.

Don't forget that cat food coupons are a bit elusive. Things change. They get pulled and new ones appear etc. So this post is date sensitive!

Here is Bob's email..


In the last two weeks I've used five one dollar Friskies (Purina Co.) coupons and got three today I know of and maybe more in bags of food. We go through a lot of food here at the Critter Farm. The coupons I know of are in the cases of canned food and large bags of 9 Lives and Seafood Sensations dry foods.

Some Purina coupons are here.

You might find some Friskies coupons here.

People and organizations can register here and be eligible to get donations of food for homeless dogs and cats in the U.S. They have donated over three million dollars worth of food this year.


This is some info I just found that you can pass around if you like.

Have a good weekend,


Thanks a lot Bob. Hope you are keeping well and please keep us up to date on those coupons. They are particularly attractive to cat caretakers at present.


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