Friday 11 March 2011

Cat Breed Quiz

I can't resist building a cat breed quiz. Have fun trying it out. There are no winners or losers. So please don't read the answers at the base of this page until you have had a go!

Started 11th March 2011: You can see visitors' answers here: Cat Breed Quiz Answers. Please don't click on this link until you have tried to answer the questions yourself!

Don't know cat breeds? Know tigers and lions, instead? Try:
You may actually disagree with the answers...if so please say so, by leaving a comment.

You can see visitors' answers here: Cat Breed Quiz Answers.

Here are my answers:

1. No. All cat breeds are one species of cat, the domestic cat, scientific name: Felis silvestrus catus or sometimes referred to as Felis catus.

2. Over 100 but many are rare and very much on the fringes. The CFA recognise about 40.

3. The Abyssinian cat. See Agouti Ticked Coat and Abyssinian Cat.

4. Maine Coon  Cat

5. F1 Savannah Cat "Magic" and she is a Savannah cat recognized by TICA.

6. Toyger

7.  More breeds because it is more adventurous. The CFA is quite part of the establishment.

8. Egyptian Mau. Amongst the first cats to be domesticated from the African wildcat.

9. Yes, the CFA calls them (at 2011) "Household Pets". I don't like the description. Some of these cats are stunning.

10. Persian. The "Ultra Persian" or contemporary Persian cat with the obligatory flat face. See traditionals and the arguments.

11.  Bengal cat.

12.  Chartreux.

13.  Four. See Grey Cat Breeds.

14. Yes, both are oriental in body shape. See Modern Siamese cat and Oriental Shorthair cat.

15.  F1 Savannah cat, top quality - A1 Extremes.

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