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Maine Coon Cat Texas

Maine Coon Cat Texas is a search term for people looking for Maine Coon breeders or rescue centers that might have a Maine Coon cat. See a list here. The idea is to make it easier for people to find Texas breeders. I list all the ones I can find from the first two pages of a Google search and strike through those that I don't rate from the website. This is obviously an entirely personal choice with which people might well disagree.

Breeders should at least say where they are. A full address need not be provided but a town or city should so customers can gauge travel times and distances etc. without having to contact the breeder first. I have rejected some for failure to provide location. I find it irritating and overly cautious.

CH Snuglcoons Big Bopper & Silver Belle - Photo copyright Helmi Flick

The first breeder to list is Snuglcoons. The beautiful cats beautifully photographed above are from this breeding cattery. They are located at: 7800 Mockingbird Lane #108, North Richland Hills, TX 76180 (as at March 2011). Tel and website: 817 845-0517, 817 846-0500, You will see that this is the best Maine Coon breeding cattery in Texas judging from website alone.

Location of this cattery is shown on the map below:

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Coonwirthy - based in Austin. Contact details: see website: As at March 2011 this is a poor site. No contact details except for an email. No cats available either.

Texas Maine Coon Rescue is next. I know them and PoC donates monthly to them. They are very nice people but for the purposes of this page they are not entirely suitable because they rescue all cats not just Maine Coons. Great but for people looking for Maine Coon cat breeders or rescue centers in Texas not so good. Website:

Rock Meadows Maine Coons - they say that they are located in Texas, USA but give away no clue as to where! That means emailing them to find out. Personally I wouldn't bother.

Coonopry Maine Coons - located Grand Prairie, Texas 75052. Tel: 972-263-9974. Website:

Maine Coon Rescue work with and within to advertise cats. There are lots of Maine Coons in Texas but they are are all Maine Coon mix. Now that is fine but if you are after a purebred Maine Coon it is not fine. Website:

The International Cat Association (TICA) list a number of Maine Coon breeders but none are situated in Texas (as at March 2011). Webpage: - note: links can become broken remember.

Texas Belle. Located ??, Texas, USA.  Although the title of this breeding cattery indicates that it is situated in Texas, the website does not confirm this as far as I can see. I got the information from the CFA website but they don't list the town either. Website

That is about it after a one hour search! I am shocked to be honest.

Conclusion: as indicated at the start, begin with contacting Snuglcoons, who are by far the best from their website.

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  1. Snuglcoons Cattery is and has been retired since 2011


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