Cat Cookie Jar

I think of two things when I read "cat cookie jar". A jar that is in the shape and image of a cat and a cat getting into a cookie jar! Well if it is not a cookie jar it is something as small as a cookie jar (for the cat) and it makes a good video.

Some cats (very, very few) like to shimmy and wriggle, acrobatically into a very small jar. Perhaps they find it comforting. Perhaps they are getting back into mother's womb! It certainly looks like it and I don't blame them. It can be pretty hostile out there.

Well first up is the classic cat cookie jar....

And next we have that little cat inside a jar. I am told the cat is a Himalayan (a purebred pointed Persian cat) that lives in Russia but can't confirm that:
Cat in a jar! Still taken from a video.
Here is the well known video. I don't actually like this but that is just me: Michael Avatar From Cat Cookie Jar to Home Page


  1. That is really hilarious for me. The video clip is so laughable.

  2. It's a bit mad. I really can't figure out why a cat wants to do that unless they have been trained to do it.

  3. This is amazing video. I am much impressed with this funny video. Those are so essential and much effective. Thanks for sharing.


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