Wednesday 2 March 2011

Cat Breed Information

Hi..I am not going to repeat the comprehensive cat breed information that you can find on the main site, of which this is a subdomain.

This short post is designed to direct you there.

The best photographs of purebred cats together with carefully prepared facts and opinion are set out.

The breeds are listed alphabetically and the first page is here:

Breeds A - H. You can just follow on from this page.

Ken and Helmi Flick's Maine Coon Cat - ZAK
Zak a Maine Coon - Photo by Michael @ PoC

What you will find is full descriptions of the cat breeds. There are also descriptions of much less well known breeds on this page:

Fringe Breeds

And also a page on the rare breeds and largest domestic cat breeds. You can't really ask for more cat breed information.

If you want to see the cat breeds classified in a different way try this page: Different Cat Breeds.

If you are in the process of choosing a cat breed this page might help: Choosing a cat breed.

The most popular cat breed in the USA is probably the majestic Maine Coon. The Siamese comes a fairly close second. The Siamese cat breed has, though, been messed up by breeders. There are at least three types! There should be one, the original version. See also the Thai cat, a classic Siamese cat in my opinion, and the opinion of others.

The Maine Coon has it all: looks and character. It is the blue chip domestic cat. It does though have one or two genetically inherited diseases to which it is susceptible - Maine Coon Cat Health.

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