Sunday 6 March 2011

Cat Address Book

You like cats and need an address book? Get a cat address book. This is an address book with cats on it rather than the addresses of local cats!

The best sources are and but there are others. A simple search of Amazon will bring up lots of options.

Some other sources are listed below - links can become broken over time please note:
This page was written in 2011! I think all the links are broken by now. But the point is that you can find some great cat address books on Amazon (my recommendation).

Next up is a book that I like the look of - nice stylized picture of cats on the cover: Mediterranean Cats Slim Address Book - UK market and priced at £9.99 at the time of this post.

Next is a very colourful address book. I like this one too but it is made for females, I reckon! North American market and cost $8.99: Colourful address book for cat lovers.

Next is an address book featuring Edward Gorey's cat illustration - really nice - UK - £5.00 - Link.

Last but not least is a second hand cat address book! USA market and priced at $3.95 - Link

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