Wednesday 16 March 2011

Cat Predicts Person's Oncoming Epileptic Fit

I know there is a little bit of exaggeration and mysticism about the ability of cats and dogs to sense impending events. Cats sensing the start of an earthquake comes to mind. And we have the famous Oscar, a cat who lives in a hospice and who can tell when a person is about to die. He joins them and comforts them.

There is a scientific explanation. We just don't know for sure what it is.

It is more than likely going to be due to a cat's acute senses. Dogs are the same. Dogs have the most sensitive of noses but cats, although less sensitive, have a very acute sense of smell many times better than ours  - The Cat's Nose. Humans are relatively feeble with regard to senses compared with our companion cats and dogs.

The all sensing cat - Photo by Simon Hammond

One cat got into the news for her ability to sense her human companion's impending epileptic fit. Her name is Lilly. She is a darling cat. But let's not forget that all cats have the skills to do this.

Lilly is an ordinary yet extraordinary cat.

Her human caretaker (wrong...this is a two way situation - symbiotic in the perfect sense of the word), is Nathan Cooper.

He suffers from epilepsy. When a fit is not yet apparent but is about to start, Lilly starts running up and down the stairs and meowing loudly although she is usually a "quiet little thing".

This early warning system allows Nathan's family can take preventative action that stops him falling over or knocking furniture over.

On one occasion Nathan stopped breathing and Lilly, "started licking his mouth...". This started up his breathing. His family believe that little Lilly saved Nathan's life.

Ordinary cats, extraordinary skills. Who says cats aren't useful?

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