Friday 18 March 2011

Savannah Cat Breeder

You are searching for a Savannah cat breeder? Search no more. There in one that is head and shoulders above all others and that includes all cat breeders. I am not getting a commission for saying this, by the way.

You should contact this cat breeder and go from that starting point. I will guarantee that it is the best way of proceeding if you are looking to buy a Savannah cat from a breeder in the United States. And the USA is the home of the SAVANNAH CAT.

I am talking about A1 Savannahs. They are the premier Savannah cat breeder, worldwide. They do business with royalty in far flung places (e.g. Morocco) and they deal with "ordinary" people in the US, UK and Europe etc.

The following F2 Savannah cat was sold to the King of Morocco:

F2 Savannah cat - Photo copyright Kathrin Stucki

I have visited A1 Savannahs on a couple of occasions.  They have a guest house for visitors who want to stick around for a while and see the cats before buying and going home. Or for people like me who just want to visit and enjoy the A1 Savannah Cats farm, which is a model of harmony in a disharmonious world:

Harmony - A1 Savannahs Farm
Harmony at A1 Savannahs Farm - Photo: Michael @ PoC.

At this stupendous Savannah cat breeder there are Savannah kittens underfoot being socialised. They have fun and they can be noisy:

There is good food for visitors and plenty of fun playing with the cats! Oh, and there is some really nice wine too...uhmm I like that..

You might bump into an F1 Savannah cat like "Focus" and play with him or even, at one time, a cat like the famous "Magic" or if you like to see a bit of wildlife you can see the servals. Morpheus is large and his partner Penelope is a lady but they are wild cats remember..

F1 Savannah Cat FOCUS
F1 Savannah cat "Focus" - Photo by Michael@PoC

I could go on and on but I'll just say that if you are anywhere in the world and are looking for a Savannah cat breeder contact A1 Savannahs who are situated near Ponca City, Oklahoma, United States.

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Their website has all you need for further details: A1 Savannahs.

The map below shows a large number of Savannah cat breeders, but the best is you know who..

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Finally here is Kathrin Stucki who owns and runs A1 Savannahs with her husband Martin:

Remember that Savannah cats are wildcat hybrids that are truly domestic cats. They do have that look of the wild, are probably sharper and quicker than the average domestic cat but they are domesticated. Make sure you know the rules regarding ownership in your country or particularly state in America. Some states have banned the higher fillial Savannah cats and in the UK you might need a license. Just check out the legalities. That is the first thing to do.

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  1. I have a Savannah and she is truly a remarkable feline. Although domesticated she still has the instincts of a cat in the wild. The amazing thing is she will bat at people, other animals etc with her paws but never draws her claws. She is always on the hunt and very amazing to watch. Not very social with anyone but purrs constantly, even when she is mocking an attack. These are not lap cats and will definately warn you with there eyes if they are displeased with any situation. I love my Savannah she is the closest thing to a cat in the wild that will be an asset to any cat lover.

  2. Hi, I agree. I have played with them etc. and they are special. They certainly do retain a bit of the wildcat but it is nicely integrated into domesticity. A great combination.

  3. UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP: Martin Engster an Avid Exotic Animal Hunter and Gun Enthusiast.

  4. I bought 4 a1savannahs, but only 1 is still alive....

  5. I have a f4 from A1 Savannahs that is 2 1/2 years old. I am his 4th owner. He has many health problems that could only stem from breeding sick parents. He has severe gum disease. Labs show liver problems and a elevated ck level indicating cardiac issues. Xrays show a mass on or front of his heart, thickening of the walls, and the heart does not lie in an anatomically correct position. It makes me sick that this poor animal must suffer because of someone's greed. They may have changed owners, but I would never buy a SV from them!

    1. Thanks Kim for commenting. I am sorry and disappointed to hear of your cat's sickness. I don't know how good or bad A1 Savannahs is now. To be honest, I reject the whole concept of cat breeding.

    2. This is sooo sad and worrisome

  6. Omg I am so worried to read these reviews about A1!!! I am waiting on my cat now and can't believe what I am hearing about only 1 in 4 making it and your poor kitty having health issues, Kim. Gosh I am ready to call it off. I don't even know if it's possible at this point, ugh :-(


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