Sunday 6 March 2011

Cat Health Book

Healthy tabby cat? Photo by julicath/Cath (On- Off ;-))

I am going to keep this post short because there is no doubt in my mind what the best cat health book is: Cat Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook - click on the picture of the book to buy it (or just hold the cursor over it). It is very good value indeed

Cat Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook, Fully Revised and Updated

Why is this the best (worldwide)?
  1. Comprehensiveness
  2. Readability
  3. Ease of reference (you can find things easily)
  4. Updated regularly
I'll press on though as there are other cat health books that I use and this is the list:
  1. Your Cat
  2. The Veterinarian's Guide to Your Cat's Symptoms
  3. Veterinary Notes For Cat Owners
    These are the "also rans" for me. It is a personal thing of course. But I think that you will probably agree that my top pick is the best. I use it all the time and willingly promote it.

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