Thursday 17 March 2011

Scuba Cat Bird Bath

Where do you buy a scuba cat bird bath? I have been trying for the past 30 minutes online to find a retailer that sells this bird bath without success. the way, this bird bath looks like this (I think!):

Scuba cat bird bath

Well, it's an interesting looking object but I can't find one for sale on the internet like this one. There are some variants of this one for sale but not many. I think you'll discover them hard to find for sale. I am not sure where the idea came from to have a cat scuba diving bird bath because I am sure that bird lovers won't like it. Well some of them won't like it because they don't like cats. This works against selling the product.

I guess the bird bath has a neat look because we have a cat pretending to dive into the bird bath and lurk underwater in waiting to catch a bird! Plenty of poetic license but a nice idea.

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  1. I see one on Ebay, and have seen them once in awhile in Kmart and Lowes and Brown County IN town flea markets.

  2. I saw one on ebay but its not painted. Its white.


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